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1 World Connected is a global research project of the Center for Technology, Innovation, and Competition at the University of Pennsylvania. Since mid-2016, the project has been profiling case studies on innovative approaches to connect underserved communities to the Internet and seeking to assess the benefits of Internet adoption.

What’s New(s)

The Broadband Commission on Sustainable Development’s Working Group on School Connectivity issued its annual report on September 18, 2020. 1 World Connected’s Christopher Yoo served as an External Expert to the Working Group.

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Brand New Website!

1 World Connected just launched its new website with all 125 case studies from over 50 countries. Check it out on the link below!

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Featured Podcast

Internet connectivity can help save lives — literally. Hear from the Dr. Basil Leodoro, about the VITAL Network in Vanuatu, a telemedicine network serving communities in Maewo.

VITAL Network Podcast

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Featured Case Study

MomConnect, a mobile application contains a library on maternal health topics, a messenger helpdesk, and the ability for mothers to rate the quality of their health clinic visits. MomConnect currently has 2 million registered users and has been officially integrated into South Africa’s healthcare system via the country’s Department of Health.

Featured Blog: Peek Vision Botswana

Photo courtesy Peek Vision

Peek Vision began as a research project housed at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine before transitioning to an independent social enterprise in 2015. The organization was founded by an eye surgeon whose childhood was marked by the discovery that the learning and behavior problems his teachers diagnosed were in fact the result of his need for glasses. With this first-hand knowledge of the difference early eye care intervention can make, Peek Vision seeks to ensure that children without access to healthcare infrastructure receive the care they need to see well.


1 World Connected participated in the EQUALS Annual Partners Meeting on 14 September, 2020, as part of the Research Coalition.